Normandy Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome

$30.00 USD


Product Description

This little guy, named Normandy is at home in the weeds.

Except for him they are all very special with their individual purpose. He prefers to call all plants by their scientific names, as it can help differentiate the different types of Dandelion or various varieties of Maple.

So if you like to spend a lot of time outside just soaking in the natural beauty of the world, Normandy is the perfect pal for you as he truly loves to share his knowledge and love for the little details in nature.

You can take Normandy Gnome everywhere you go. Normandy the needle felted wool gnome is just 2 3/4" tall.

The last photo shows Normandy Gnome with Uncle Henry Gnome. To bring Uncle Henry home with you go to this listing:

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Normandy Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome Normandy Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome Normandy Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome

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Since my recent discovery of needle felting, it has become the ideal hobby to keep me busy during my first pregnancy. I've made a number of items as gifts over the holidays and have now moved on to just felting whatever my heart desires. In my little shop, The Purple Rat, you will find some of my creations and I look forward to continuing to fill my shop with more bits art from my heart.