Origami Dollar Shirt

$4.00 USD


Product Description

This Tiny Tee can be used in a card or as a tip in a restaurant. Not much to say about it other then it is really cute. ^^

The shirt measures to be approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. Slightly shorter then 2 inches wide and slighter longer and two inches tall.

Cute Party Favors for any occasion:
Family Reunions
Office Gifts
Wedding Favors.
Stocking Stuffers.
Package Toppers.

Makes a good bookmark.

Thanks for looking,
The Purple Rat
making my way through college one dollar at a time.
2014 Update: Graduated and now Paying off Student Loans.

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 Origami Dollar Shirt  Origami Dollar Shirt  Origami Dollar Shirt

The Purple Rat Whimsical Hand Felted Art

Since my recent discovery of needle felting, it has become the ideal hobby to keep me busy during my first pregnancy. I've made a number of items as gifts over the holidays and have now moved on to just felting whatever my heart desires. In my little shop, The Purple Rat, you will find some of my creations and I look forward to continuing to fill my shop with more bits art from my heart.