Graduated from homeschooling when I was 17 and headed to college.

Currently I am attending the local college, in my 6th semester, learning what I can, while I can. Even though my goal is to be a 'crunchy' stay at home mom someday, I figure it would be a safe idea to work on a degree. Most likely in environmental science.

Things I love would include painting, coloring (with good old Crayola), origami, unicycling, and of course rats. :)

Inspiration comes from everywhere, and nowhere.
I love what I create and I hope you will too, because I can't keep using q-tips and tooth-picks, Someday I will need real brushes. xD

PROFILE UPDATE: February 2014. I have since graduated from college, gotten married, moved to Alaska and working to pay back my student loans. Awaiting the birth of my first baby due any day.

My mom has 3 Zibbet shops:
Portable Graffiti buttons and mirrors at:
Portable Graffiti Graphics: Banners, anything you need:
Wild Goose Chase at:

Photos shown are some of my felting work.

The Purple Rat Whimsical Hand Felted Art

Since my recent discovery of needle felting, it has become the ideal hobby to keep me busy during my first pregnancy. I've made a number of items as gifts over the holidays and have now moved on to just felting whatever my heart desires. In my little shop, The Purple Rat, you will find some of my creations and I look forward to continuing to fill my shop with more bits art from my heart.