Uncle Henry Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome

$45.00 USD


Product Description

Uncle Henry is, quite obviously, a gnome. 

He is also one of my first needle felted creations. 
What he lacks in hair on top of his balding head, he makes up for in an amazing full beard of snowy white.

This needle-felted gnome hides his shiny head well with a tall, red traditional gnome hat made of red. However his hat has been adorned with feather. He likes feathers. 

What he also likes is to wander. He loves to visit new places. And quite frankly, he has grown tired of what Alaska has to offer and would love to visit a new region. 

Perhaps you can become the new home for this aging gnome. While Uncle Henry my Waldorf-inspired Gnome has many years left to be loved, he could really use company as continues to experience the world. 

Uncle Henry travels well, at a height of 5 1/2 inches tall and an arm span of 4 inches, he is always ready to go.

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Uncle Henry Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome Uncle Henry Needle Felted Sculpture Gnome

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Since my recent discovery of needle felting, it has become the ideal hobby to keep me busy during my first pregnancy. I've made a number of items as gifts over the holidays and have now moved on to just felting whatever my heart desires. In my little shop, The Purple Rat, you will find some of my creations and I look forward to continuing to fill my shop with more bits art from my heart.